DMC Primary Care has partnered with OI Infusions to offer monoclonal antibody infusion treatments to people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and meet certain criteria. Monoclonal antibodies are the only FDA-approved outpatient treatments for COVID-19. In a nutshell, monoclonal antibody infusion therapy can block the virus from attaching to human cells, helping to prevent severe symptoms and hospitalization in people identified as being “at high risk.”

What is BAM Therapy?

BAM is short for bamlanivimab, a type of monoclonal antibody that is given to COVID-19 positive patients by IV infusion. In studies, this treatment has been able to keep many at-risk patients from developing severe symptoms from the virus, effectively avoiding hospitalization.

Who is eligible for BAM Infusion Therapy at DMC? 

In order to quality for BAM Infusion Therapy at DMC, a patient must meet all requirements below.

  • Must have tested positive for COVID-19 via PCR or antigen testing.
  • Must receive treatment within 10 days of onset of symptoms.
  • Must be part of a group that is considered “at high risk” for developing severe symptoms from COVID-19:
    •  65+, kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, immunocompromised states, chronic lung conditions, etc.
  • Must be age 18 or older and weigh at least 88 lbs.
  • May have mild to moderate symptoms not requiring hospitalization.

If you meet all criteria for BAM Infusion Therapy, what should you do?

Discuss BAM infusion therapy with your PCP. If you are not a DMC patient, your provider should contact us at 603-537-1316 for next steps. If you are a DMC patient, talk with your provider and if deemed appropriate for you, you will be given further instructions and an appointment for your BAM infusion therapy.

Do I need to be a DMC Patient to receive BAM Infusion Therapy at DMC?

No. If you meet all criteria listed above, your physician can help you set up treatment with us.




BAM Fact Sheet

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Medical Providers: Please fill out and fax the order below for your patient to 603-845-5186. Thank you!

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