Celebrating Our Patients’ Accomplishments

We are excited and proud to have been involved in these patients’ success. We hope their stories will inspire you to set and reach goals of your own.

Suzanne Black

Suzanne Black–HMR Diet

I was tired of yo-yo diets, and after the first info session about HMR/Weight Sense, I was hooked. I knew this was the program that would work for me--and it has.

Suzanne lost over 80 pounds in the HMR/Weight Sense program, and has successfully kept it off for over a year, and she is still on her way to her ultimate goal!

Sam Finn

Sam Finn – HMR Program

After my brother's wedding, and I realized just how overweight I was! The free info session for HMR opened my eyes to the possibilities, and so far I have lost over 80 pounds!

Sam was sold on the HMR program from the first free info session, and saw results even in the first week!


Mark Reinhardt–HMR Weight Loss

I measure my success not just with the weight loss and increased energy, but especially with now being off 3 out of 4 diabetes drugs and 2 out of 4 blood pressure drugs.

Even as a type-2 diabetes patient, Mark was able to lose over 80 pounds in the medically supervised HMR diet program.

Serena McDonough

Serena McDonough –HMR Diet

The group classes are so important! They offer accountability, but also the great support from the group and the instructors.

Serena joined with her husband when they both decided they had to do something about their weight. She loves the structure, but also the freedom to modify and enhance the food selections. She and her husband are supportive of each other, and also thrive on the accountability and support from the group classes.

Bob Prendergas

Bob Prendergas — HMR Diet

The classes and the instructors are phenomenal, and an important part of my success.

My weight reached a point I had to do something about it. I researched online to find where the HMR Diet Program was being offered, and came to DMC Primary Care’s Wellness.  I have lost 95 pounds so far–which is my half-way point.  The classes and the instructors have been one of the keys to…

Joanne Lazinsky

Joanne Lazinsky- Healthy Transformation & Fitness

The Fitness Studio classes have strengthened my body and relived my arthritis and pain better than any cortisone shot has.

“I have learned to eat much healthier with the Mediterranean diet plan, and have lost weight but gained energy! The Fitness classes have let me strengthen my body, and the Senior’s arthritis class has enabled me to move without pain.”

Alan Camuso

Alan Camuso – HMR & Fitness

I am off all my blood pressure and cholesterol medications because of the weight I've lost. Plus, the HMR and the Fitness classes complement each other perfectly!

“I like the HMR Weight Sense program because I saw fast results, and have lost 65 pounds, so far.  I am off all my blood pressure and cholesterol medications because of the weight loss, and I feel so much better. And now I go to the Fitness Studio several times a week, because it is…

Dan Young HMR & Fitness Studio

Dan Young – HMR Diet and Fitness Studio

I feel so much better, and no longer have to take insulin for my Diabetes.

Dan has lost 85 pounds so far, on the HMR Decision-free program and no longer has to take insulin for his diabetes. He is also an enthusiastic client of the Fitness Studio that helps him in his continued weight loss, and to stay in shape.

Maria Grimanis

Maria Grimanis – HMR diet & Fitness

The food options and shakes are really good, and enabled me to be successful, and even enjoy eating as the pounds kept coming off!

After Maria quit smoking around age 40, the pounds kept piling on, but other diets she tried didn’t have lasting results. Because of the structure and packaged meals, the HMR diet, Weight Sense Decision-free diet has been a great success for Maria, who is now 50 pounds lighter and no longer needing depression medication. Maria…

Michelle Boyd

Michele Boyd – Healthy Transformation

My lab numbers were scary, and my doctor suggested the Healthy Transformation program. In those 12 weeks I learned so much and lost weight quickly.

When she saw the scale register a weight that scared her, Michele knew she had to do something to get her health back.  Her doctor recommended she try the Healthy Transformation 12-week program.  She lost 40 pounds and then another 16 pounds as she continues to change the way she eats–and the way she feels!…