Call-ahead Urgent Care with Office Visit Co-pays

Urgent care is not intended to replace a hospital emergency room in an emergency situation. If you are experiencing a life-threatening health issue, call 911 and go to your nearest hospital emergency facility. 

DMC Primary Care offers call-ahead urgent care during the day or evening at any of our offices to current patients who become unexpectedly ill or injured and need medical attention quickly. Saturday urgent care available at the Derry office.

There’s no need to head to the emergency room for relief from:

  • flu symptoms, fever, allergies, cough
  • sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea
  • sprained ankle, burns, rashes
  • tick bites, X-rays or lab work

We can get you in to see a physician, even on very short notice. Plus, we have access to your medical records from each location to ensure knowledgeable care from providers you already know and trust.

Our patients pay the same co-pay for an urgent care visit as they would for a regularly scheduled office visit. Avoid the high costs of the ER and Urgent Care facilities and call us directly for an urgent care visit (no walk-ins, please).


We offer extended evening hours and Saturday appointments for your convenience. Click here for a full list of our office hours and locations.