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January 2019

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HMR is a clinically proven plan that is designed to help people lose weight while learning new, healthy lifestyle skills to improve health and better manage weight over the long term.

HMR uses high quality meal replacements as the nutritional core of our diet along with Fruits & Vegetables. This diet includes our behavioral lifestyle-change coaching that helps patients achieve high compliance with key lifestyle changes such as; consuming more fruits and vegetables, adding more movement into their daily routine, and more. HMR not only focuses on long-term lifestyle changes, but on this “Quick Start” approach to weight loss. Losing weight as quickly as possible up-front helps keep you motivated, helps you adhere to diet structure and gets you to your goal faster.

HMR’s diet:

Healthy Solutions can be done in our in-clinic setting for the most structure and weight loss or on your own with our HMR at-home option if preferred. On average patients lose 35-40 lbs in-clinic. This is a moderate diet, which is a 1200-1600 calorie diet plan.

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In-Clinic Program Includes:

  • Weekly classes for weight loss and longer term weight management.
  • Lifestyle-behavioral change education focusing on strategies for increasing fruits and vegetables, lowering dietary fat, and increasing daily physical activity.
  • A separate “maintenance “component for continued support to practice the skills needed to maintain weight loss over the long term & transition into the Mediterranean plant based diet.
  • Support and accountability provided by HMR staff.

There is a FREE informational seminar, now every 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:00 pm.

Please Note: The November seminar will be held on November 15th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Please register online or call 603-537-3033 to register and for more information.