VillageMD-New Hampshire enables primary care providers across the state to improve the quality and total cost of health care.

Village-MD, a leading primary care-focused management services organization, has partnered with the two largest independent physician groups in New Hampshire, DMC Primary Care and Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine Associates (SNHIMA) to form VillageMD-New Hampshire, an organization that will create greater clinical value for residents across the state.  This new joint venture will provide services to New Hampshire primary care physicians to improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, while lowering the total cost of care.

“VillageMD-New Hampshire helps physicians deliver and enhanced type of primary care that offers high clinical quality, expanded services for those living with chronic conditions, and personalized patient education to promote a preventive approach to care that improves overall health and total cost.” said Tom Buchanan, president of VillageMD-New Hampshire and CEO of DMC Primary Care.

Initially supporting a team of 57 providers, VillageMD-New Hampshire will partner with additional primary care providers across the state through a clinically integrated network.  The joint venture will leverage VillageMD’s data analytics, physician-based care coordination, and on-the-ground support resources, all of which have demonstrated significantly greater clinical improvements ar a lower total cost of care.  VillageMD’s clinical care model also aids its physician partners in providing more personalized attention, education, and support to patients via integrated care teams of health coaches, diabetes educators, pharmacists, and resource coordinators.  The model yields improvements in physical health and emotional health as well as the overall wellbeing of patients.

“VillageMD-New Hampshire has the expertise and capabilities to enable physicians to transition successfully and grow in this new, value=based reimbursement environment,” said Dr. Edmond Schiavoni, president, SNHIMA.  “with this partnership, we now have the right mix of technology, processes and resources to continue to deliver high quality care and do it at an efficient cost, benefitting the community.”

DMC Primary Care and SNHIMA are independent, multi-site practices with 57 clinician who together have cared for the health of families in Southern New Hampshire for a combined 80 years.  Dr. Schiavoni will continue to serve as SNHIMA’s president, and Dr. Ted Brooks will remain president of DMC Primary Care.  Both practices will continue to care for patients at the same locations and under the same names.

“VillageMD is humbled to partner with two prestigious groups of physicians and help contribute to the well-being of communities across New Hampshire,” said Tim Barry, chief executive officer, VillageMD.  “Our team is committed to giving primary care physicians everything they need to restore their position as the backbone of the healthcare system.”

Practices enabled by VillageMD’s solution have been consistently recognized for high-quality care by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Using the same approach, the practices achieved: admissions and readmissions rates 20-40 percent lower than the community, Medicare costs 20-45 percent lower than the community, and commercial costs 15-20 percent lower than the community.