If you had the chance to read our blog about Dr. Plaum you’ll notice that Dr. Alexia Strzalka and Dr. Justin Plaum started working at DMC Primary Care during the same month, August 2016. Unlike Dr. Plaum who came to us from Reading, Pennsylvania, Dr. Strzalka decided to leave New York to join DMC Primary Care.

Dr. Strzalka said, “I finished Residency last June in Johnson City, New York. My husband and I are both from New York State, and we made the decision together to come to New Hampshire because of the recreational activities and beautiful scenery that it has to offer. We’re really outdoorsy people, so having access to activities such as hiking in the mountains, kayaking, and being so close to the ocean made our choice to move here so easy.”

In addition to the outdoor features of New Hampshire, Dr. Strzalka chose Derry Medical because of the type of work she gets to do here and the innovative ways that we provide care to our patients. “I wanted an all out-patient job – where I could get the chance to see patients repeatedly allowing me to build a close relationship with them. I preferred to work with a group of multiple experienced providers so that I could continue to learn. I have a strong passion for women’s health and I have had the chance to fulfill this need at DMC. I also was looking for a chance to be able to do small surgical procedures in the office, which I am able to do here. The functional medicine aspect is very interesting to me and I think we are going to see a big rise in this type of healthcare in the future in order to help prevent chronic health problems. I’m also proud to say that I’m part of group that offers multiple different types of medicine under one roof including sports medicine, functional medicine, nutritional and wellness programs. Smaller offices don’t always have those sorts of options. The fact that we are privately owned and can refer people to the specialists and hospital systems that we feel best meet the needs of our patients, is another wonderful benefit of DMC.” said Dr. Strzalka.

Dr. Strzalka said that she really likes the energy that can always be found at Derry. “We’re all upbeat and smiling. We’re willing to stop any time to help each other out. It’s a good group; we support each other and our patients to the best of our abilities. I think it is readily apparent that the staff and other providers enjoy being there while immersed in the care of their patients. You can see it and feel it in the work atmosphere and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Medical Assistant, someone in the Radiology department, or someone working in the lab. They’re ready to stop and help you at any time. If I were a patient looking for an office I would be looking for this kind of environment.” said Strzalka.

Dr. Strzalka was clearly meant to be a primary care physician. She said, “I grew up in a small town and I got to know my physician very well because of the intimate and personal nature of small town living which I greatly enjoyed. This is what I feel guided me into primary care- the ability to follow family members from the first day to the last day of life. The opportunity to treat multiple generations within one family is very rewarding and humbling as a physician. It is this continuity of care that makes it worthwhile for me.

Dr. Strzalka’s major areas of interest are women’s health and overall healthy lifestyles. She considers some of her greatest successes to date to be under those umbrellas. She said, “I’ve had success with weight loss cases. My husband is a personal trainer and has helped broaden my knowledge in the field of corrective exercise, strength training, and nutrition. I try to use this when talking to patients about weight loss and what realistically will work for their lifestyle. Also, a lot of people come to me with women’s health issues. I like being able to help women plan better to reach their life goals, treat their current scenarios and provide education on what may come in the future.”

Dr. Strzalka’s off time is often as busy as her workdays. She said, “We have a two year old, so we spend a lot of time outside. My husband and I also weight lift, and we compete in Strong(Wo)Man competitions. We both play basketball, like to swim, camp and hike. He grew up on the water so we definitely go kayaking whenever we have the chance to.” Dr. Strzalka also spends her time off baking and gardening and is hoping to add a dog to her family soon.

We are happy to have Dr. Strzalka as a primary care physician as we know that she provides excellent care to our patients.

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