Bigger isn’t always better–especially when it comes to your health care.

Healthcare consolidation is the new normal, as large healthcare systems seem to continuously try to swallow every independent medical practice in an effort to make more money.

And while all of this consolidation might be good for a large healthcare system’s bottom line, it might not make sense for patients. Services patients have come to rely on get moved miles away. Billing becomes more complicated. Patient-doctor relationships seem to take a backseat to exam quotas and paperwork.

And those are only a few of the reasons why you should choose an independent medical practice.

Here’s a look at a few more:

You know your doctor and your doctor knows you

The patient-provider relationship is built on trust. You trust that your doctor always has your best interest in mind while making medical decisions. Sadly, financial pressures can put that trust to the test.

Many providers that don’t work at an independent medical practice have their hands tied when it comes to deciding what’s best for their patients. Referrals for tests and treatments are determined not necessarily by your doctor, but by the healthcare system that wants to keep all of your money in the system.

While your provider will still be making decisions in your best interest, the options available are often limited. Instead of being referred to providers your doctor knows, trusts and has worked with in the past, it’s likely you’ll be sent within the system simply for the sake of the dollar.

At an independent medical practice, your doctor works for you. They are independent of any particular hospital or insurance company. And they make every decision based on your preferences and what’s in your best interest.

You just might pay less for primary care.

An independent medical practice means that it is owned by providers who enjoy a greater level of autonomy than those who work for large healthcare systems. This means they can (and often do) work hard to make care more affordable.

They may only require patients to pay for office visit co-pays–even for urgent care. Lab work might be conducted on-site, meaning patients pay only a fraction of the cost of what is charged at large hospital-based labs. Imaging is often less expensive, too.

On the other hand, providers at large systems may be facing pressure to keep services “in-house,” where they could cost you more, even if less expensive (and every bit as good) options are available.


Everyone has heard the stories about waiting weeks to see a doctor only to be treated like a quota rather than as a patient.

At an independent medical practice, getting an appointment is often much easier (many practices try to get you in within two hours of the time you call). And, when you get there, your doctor will know you (and likely your whole family) so together you can determine what’s going on and make quick decisions about how to address the issue.

Less time waiting. Closer connections. Outcomes every bit as good as those delivered by large hospital systems. It all adds up to convenience for you and your family.

Choose an independent medical practice in New Hampshire

If you want a doctor who knows you, access to affordable care that’s best suited to meet your needs and convenience, choose an independent medical practice.

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