Working in the Bedford office will be very familiar to Kate Jenkins, as she spent the past five years as a family medicine practitioner, caring for patients in another office in Bedford.  As a matter of fact, she worked in the same office as Doctors Rosenbaum, Fitzgerald and Bennett prior to their joining DMC Primary Care.

“It will be nice to reconnect with former patients that I have known for several years, and also will be wonderful to meet new patients and their families.” Working again with those doctors is something Kate is looking forward to because they all get along so well, and are all known for their great senses of humor.

“Dr. Rosenbaum’s patients love his sense of humor, too—everyone in the office has a friendly relationship.  And I hear that Dr. Hilton is a great addition who fits in perfectly. I am looking forward to working with them all again and getting back into family medicine.”

Kate thoroughly enjoys the spectrum of care that family practice offers, caring for patients from birth to end of life. And she appreciates the increased interest in viewing healthcare from a holistic perspective that incorporates lifestyle and nutrition, too.

“The two age groups I particularly enjoy are the elderly and teenagers.  Caring for the elderly is more complex due to the frequency of multi-system issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes or heart disease.  And I have so much respect for that generation—their life histories are so interesting!  With teenagers, it is wonderful to see their evolving personalities and to help them as they struggle to make good decisions and life choices. It is such a challenge to be a teenager today.”

Kate has a genuine interest in getting to know her patients, so that together they can resolve their medical issues in ways that fit them each the best.  Her experience as a nurse for over 20 years in both intensive care and in family practice gives her enormous insight into what good primary care is all about.

Kate is just returning from a one year trip that she and her husband took, traveling around the country in an RV.  They went to almost all the national parks where they hiked, kayaked and skied while living very simply and “unplugged” out of their RV in campgrounds.

“Traveling through Alaska was an incredible experience—it is true wilderness with amazing wildlife!  But if I had to pick a favorite place it would be the national parks in Utah, such as Bryce Canyon and Zion.  Gorgeous! I love the outdoors, and also enjoy the many opportunities to hike, ski and kayak in New Hampshire. Even though the places we visited around the country were spectacular, we were happy to return home to New Hampshire—it is a great state to live in.”

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