Weight gain and obesity is a major problem with a large portion of the American population. In fact, according to the CDC“The prevalence of obesity was 39.8% and affected about 93.3 million of U.S. adults in 2015-2016.”

But what causes these rates? Well, there are many theories including food deserts, extra sugar in packaged foods and more. However, one serious issue that should be addressed is our emotional relationship and the habits we form with our food. HMR or Health Management Resources helps participants combat those problems head-on.

How does HMR do this? We will explain…

Meal Replacements 

Many people feel that they are too rushed or too busy during the work week to effectively lose weight. And others do not feel comfortable or interested in cooking their own meals. HMR takes that element out of the equation. That is because, per HMR Weight Management, the HMR weight lost program, “uses high quality meal replacements (Shakes, Entrees, Soup, Multigrain Cereal, Nutrition Bars) as the nutritional core.” 

With meal replacements, your life will be simplified and when you are filled with high quality, medically selected foods, you will find yourself much more content. And, after some time you will become used to eating this way.

Fruits and Veggies

In addition to the meal replacements offered through the HMR weight loss program, participants are encouraged to fill their plates with high quality fruits and vegetables. Filling your plate with healthy choices will over time become your new practice.

Vegetables and fruits are readily available at the supermarket and via farm share programs. In fact, each year Derry Medical Services even sponsors several local Farmer’s Markets should participants need more direction in finding healthy foods.

Lifestyle Coaching

Breaking the cycle of obesity means breaking down your bad eating habit and replacing them with healthy ones. HMR weight loss includes a behavioral lifestyle-change coaching component which does just that. The professionals at Derry Medical Services are experts when it comes to crafting daily routines that help patients move more and stay HMR compliant.

And, it should be noted that HMR is a fast-moving dietary choice, so seeing results tends to help motivate people to reach their goal.

Different Methods

Some diets are very specific as to how you participate. HMR is not like that. This program is offered in-clinic or out! The diet is centered around you and your lifestyle. We want you to be successful and we know that only way to help you achieve that is to provide you with options.

We actually wrote a blog about this subject recently if you would like to check it out.

Maintenance Phase 

Often, losing weight isn’t a problem for people. It’s keeping it off. Our DMC Primary Care Health Educator, Melanie Ortez is all about “protecting the weight loss.”

HMR Weight Management notes that, “HMR has a separate ‘maintenance’ component for continued support to practice the skills needed to maintain weight loss over the long term.” That phase will help you keep your success.