Manuel Bulauitan, MD, or as his patients and coworkers call him, Dr. B has been with DMC Primary Care for just 6 months, but he is already feeling very at home. That feeling could have something to do with his approach to patient care. “The patient feedback I’m getting is positive. I like to make them feel like they’re talking with a friend – I want them to feel comfortable and safe at Derry Medical,” said Dr. Bulauitan.

Dr. Bulauitan comes from a family of doctors. “My father is a general surgeon, and I’m the youngest of three boys. I knew I wanted to go into medicine and the only thing I considered at first was surgery due to my father’s example. I went into surgery originally and though it was a wonderful experience, it wasn’t the experience I wanted when it comes to balancing your life. My oldest brother went into surgery and my other brother went into family medicine. He told me how it’s a completely different feeling. It’s so nice to see the continuity in patients and how you see a whole spectrum of ages. My experience together with seeing this new side of medicine drew me into family medicine. I believe it was the right decision because it’s been a wonderful experience and it landed me my job at Derry.” said Dr. Bulauitan.

It’s easy to tell that Dr. Bulauitan loves his job and is grateful to work for Derry Medical. Dr. Bulauitan said, “Derry promotes a partnership between a doctor and a patient. Instead of bossing patients, we focus on coming up with a management plan where we make decisions together and that creates a nice comfort zone for the patient and physician. It’s about a rapport and a relationship.”

Dr. Bulauitan’s favorite aspects of his job include the ability to develop patient relationships and a variety of care. “I love seeing patients – they’re the reason I went into medicine to begin with. You develop relationships with them and get to know their personalities. You also get to see chronic conditions and clinical situations. You never know what’s coming in. I can see babies, kids, people my age, elderly patients. You see every side of medicine. That’s family medicine and that’s what drew me to it,” said Dr. Bulauitan.

In addition to a pure love of his patients, Dr. Bulauitan also appreciates his coworkers and credits them for helping him settle in. “I have wonderful staff, great medical assistants and nurses – this job has helped me have a nice transition. I got to know my staff quickly and it’s almost as if I have created a bond and cohesive unit with them. The cohesion and the friendly and professional environment makes everyone’s job easier on stressful or busy days. The people I work with are all very knowledgeable and it always runs smoothly. It reflects on the patients and makes the patients care.” said Dr. Bulauitan.

Dr. Bulauitan’s girlfriend is also a doctor in the New England area and both intend to stay here for the long-term. In fact, she was one of the biggest contributors to why he started looking in the New Hampshire area. “When I interviewed at Derry, my girlfriend was a resident working at Concord Hospital and I knew she was going to be around there. Then she took a job in Lowell and I knew that this area was going to be our starting ground. Location made a huge difference. Also, I’ve always been happy with the New England and the Boston area because I went to Boston University for school,” said Dr. Bulauitan.

Though he does not have children of his own yet, outside of work Dr. Bulauitan is still a family man. He said, “When I’m not working I spend time with my family. I just spent a week with my family in North Carolina. I don’t have kids yet, but my brothers do. Any chance I get to spend with them, I take. When I’m not with them I spend time with my girlfriend. We like outdoor activities like skiing in New Hampshire — although I only got out there once this year! I’m a sports guy – basketball, tennis etc. We go out for dinner – I’m a big food guy. We also watch movies. I particularly like action movies.”

Dr. Bulauitan’s enthusiasm for his patients and Derry is sure to be a wonderful benefit to his patients. “Derry has been a good start for me. I look forward to what’s going to happen in the future and I’m grateful for this opportunity.” said Dr. Bulauitan.

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