Dr. Steve Hilton will be coming all the way from Virginia to join DMC Primary Care. He and his family are moving in the coming weeks as he will be starting to practice at DMC Primary Care’s new Bedford office on August 1st.

Both Dr. Hilton and his wife are excited about living in New Hampshire because they love the outdoors. He said, “I’ll be living about 5 minutes from the office in Bedford. My wife and I are very active outdoorsy type people and when we were trying to find a place to live beyond Virginia, we looked within New Hampshire because it had the coast for her to go surfing, as well as amazing lakes and awesome skiing.”

In addition to the outdoors, he is looking forward to DMC Primary Care’s culture. “Looking at many opportunities, I was more drawn to the -fact that DMC Primary Care is a physician-owned practice and the fact that it is patient-centered,” he said.

Dr. Hilton is a family man who has two children. The educational system was another major factor that led him to come practice in the area. “Knowing how strong the schools are is a natural choice. We have a two-year-old boy and our daughter just turned six months,” he said.

Dr. Hilton is trained as a DO, which means he received additional training in musculoskeletal medicine including manual, hands-on treatment modalities for patients. “I’m also trained as a DO so the osteopathic options allow me to provide another tool for treating patient symptoms,” he said.

His family is full of healers. He said, “My brother was a big influence as he is a sports medicine physician in west Michigan with a family medicine training background. I thought about doing sports medicine as well, but I really enjoy the full spectrum of care that being a primary care physician brings. My father-in-law is a doctor and my father is a veterinarian. My dad loves to say ‘Physicians are like vets but limited to one species.’

In his downtime, he is usually outdoors or focusing on his own nutrition. He said, “I really enjoy spending time outside. We [my family and I] liked to hike around southwest Virginia, as we weree really close to the Appalachian trail. We’d go fishing and surfing. I play rugby too! It’s been awesome. It’s a great way to get some exercise. We also like to make our own food and are exploring new ways of food preparation.”

Dr. Hilton’s passion for nutrition is due largely to the fact that nutritional needs change with our activities and as we age. He said, “Nutrition is dynamic. 30 years ago you got different advise about what to do. There’s no real clear-cut answer but I think we are moving toward a better trend of learning what we eat and how to feed our bodies what they need. I really love medicine, especially the nutrition aspects. Even beyond the 9-5, I work on becoming a better doctor on a day-to-day basis. I’m not going to be a guy who is giving orders on lifestyle and nutrition who isn’t doing it himself.”

He is excited to be working with the DMC Primary Care Bedford group,. He said,“I met doctors at all the locations, but most recently the providers at Bedford. I’m excited to work with them. We had a BBQ when we were house hunting and we all seem to fit together well. I know they garner a great reputation in the community and I’m excited to work alongside them.”

He is also very eager to meet new patients and get involved in the local community. He said, “With my dad being a vet, I grew up in a small community and everyone knows who my dad was. I want to invest in my community like he did. Get to know the people — my patients. New Hampshire is an amazing place with so much to offer and helping those with similar outdoor interests and maybe ushering some who don’t share the same interest towards them will be great.”

Above all, Dr. Hilton is ready! He said, “My goal is to hit the ground running. I want to pick up right where I left off from residency. I want to go in with confidence and build long-term relationships with the community and most importantly, with my patients.”

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