The primary goal of DMC Primary Care is maintaining relationships. Those relationships are with our patients and loved ones and of course, our greater community. Beyond providing top quality care at an affordable cost offered by invested providers, we give back to our community directly through scholarships. In fact, the DMC Primary Care Foundation has provided $70,000 in scholarship funds since 2006!

This year we have provided eleven high school seniors from four different local high schools (Pinkerton Academy, Londonderry High School, Windham High School and Salem High School) with $1,000 each. These scholarships were given based on the students’ intentions to move toward a career in the medical field and their class rank. The students chosen were among the top 25 percent of their class.

Another important aspect to our institutional giving is how we honor those who have brought their talents to us along the way (including those who are no longer with us). This year, one of the recipients, Rebecca Ciarla received her award in honor of a former Physician Assistant at DMC Primary Care, Julie VanderMark. VanderMark passed away in 2016 due to cancer and is sorely missed by the rest of our staff and her former patients.

This year’s recipient list is as follows:

  • Delaney Conway, Pinkerton Academy
  • Travis Fischer, Pinkerton Academy
  • Rebecca Ciarla, Pinkerton Academy
  • Courtney Velho, Pinkerton Academy
  • Emily Buttafuoco, Londonderry High School
  • Emily Parnell, Londonderry High School
  • Nina Touch, Londonderry High School
  • Emma Blair, Windham High School
  • Marina Nysten, Windham High School
  • Hannah Mullane, Salem High School
  • Meghan Mulvey, Salem High School

We are very proud to assist these talented students in achieving their dreams and hope that they will stay in touch for networking and future career opportunities!

The DMC Primary Care Charitable Foundation’s scholarship is awarded every year. Applications for the scholarships are available every spring from the guidance offices at each school. You can read more about it by clicking below.