Now before we get started with this article officially, we want to state emphatically that all children are different and require many varying things. However, today we wanted to introduce you to several techniques that have been shown to help kids to relax.

Kids actually have a lot of stress in their lives. While they don’t have careers yet, some have summer jobs, most have sports schedules and still more have homework anxiety. With all of these things swirling around in their heads, it’s important to help your children take time to breathe and reassess. After all, you’re only a kid for so long!

1. Just Breathe

Didn’t we just mention breathing? Well, here it is again. While it is commonplace these days to teach adults conscious breathing through activities such as yoga and meditation, it can be just as helpful for kids.

KidsHealth recommends that you follow the following steps:

  • Step 1. Sit or lie comfortably and put one hand on your stomach, the other on your chest.
  • Step 2. Close your eyes and try to relax all of your muscles, one by one, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Don’t forget to relax the muscles in your face, neck, and jaw; you may be storing a lot of tension there.
  • Step 3. Breathe deeply and regularly for several minutes— and try to make your stomach (abdomen) rise and fall, not only your chest. This will help you deepen your breath.
  • Step 4. Pay attention to each breath; try to turn all your thoughts to each inhale … exhale. As you breathe out, imagine the tension leaving your body with the breath.

2. Channel the Energy

Stress is often the result of a lack of outlet. Allow your child to express themselves creatively with art! Kids Relaxation offers a whole array of exercises including a Relaxation Collage and a Calming Colors Palette.

3. Have Fun

We all have busy lives, but it’s incredibly important to set aside time to be downright silly. After all, as Lovetoknow says“Laughter is a wonderful stress reliever that, according to the Mayo Clinic, soothes tension and helps the body relax.”

4. Listen to Music

Lovetoknow also suggests that music can help ease your child’s stress. Per their article“Listening to calming music can help a child regain focus. Even very young children may enjoy listening to relaxing classical music or the music of artists like Enya or Josh Groban.” 

Consider adding in dedicated calming music time to your day in order to maximize the benefits. Alternatively, you could choose a new artist to introduce them to on a regular basis so that they can relax and learn at the same time.

5. Love them No Matter What

Over time, children are introduced to more and more competitive elements of life. According to Psychology Today“Often we feel that it is necessary for our children to succeed in sports, school, and performance situations. But sometimes we forget that kids need to be kids. School becomes driven by grades, not by enjoyment of learning if an 85 is good, but not good enough.This is not to say that striving is not important.It is important to encourage your child to work hard but equally important to accept and embrace your child’s mistakes and imperfections.” Make sure your child knows that you love them no matter what. Failing is a natural part of life—it is often the catalyst to improved success. Let them know that so they can let go of the feeling of unnatural standards. Oddly enough, this usually makes them thrive.

Stress is a natural part of life, but when it gets to be too much, it’s important to assess and make changes. Exercise and wellness are a big part of making healthy life choices and Derry Medical Services can help you and your children along the way.