Meet our newest provider, Vipra Rai! She has just joined Derry Medical Services this week as the Clinical Director for Functional Medicine, Diabetes, Nutrition and Wellness. Rai will ultimately be working towards the integration of several of our incredible service lines that we offer to patients.

The Clinical Director role has a lot to do with nutrition, which is why Rai’s background fits with it. “I was previously working at Elliot Hospital where I oversaw Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition. Clinically I am a dietitian by profession, but I also have my certification as diabetes educator,” said Rai.

Unlike some clinical leaders though, Rai will still be taking care of patients at Derry. She said, “I plan to see some patients as part of my job – I enjoy the clinical side of my job. I like keeping clinical hours.”

Like many other Derry providers, Rai is excited by functional medicine. She said, “With functional medicine I have the opportunity to work with Dr. Brooks, Physician Assistants, dietitians and diabetes educators and what we want to try to do is bring these service lines together. Certain chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol — a lot of the basis of them is eating healthy, which I’m very passionate about. I want to make sure the patients can get the updated information on it so that they can make good choices. The functional medicine aspect was appealing because ultimately I will be able to interact with some of the MDs with a holistic approach to wellness. That’s really why I was fascinated and wanted to serve the population here in that way.”

Though she hasn’t been working long at Derry, Rai has taken the time to get to know several providers. “I spent some time with Dr. Brooks from functional medicine — it was very refreshing to talk to him because a lot of his clientele comes in with chronic illnesses and he usually takes the approach to finding the root cause in their lifestyles before introducing medication. I’ve also met a few dietitians. I also know a few others through working at the Elliot where I’ve worked pretty closely with them in the past,” said Rai.

One of the reasons Rai is so passionate about serving the greater Derry community is that she is a part of it! She said, “I’ve been a long-term resident of Merrimack, but I just moved to Windham, New Hampshire. That move wasn’t for a job change, but was more for my son who is going into his first year of high school. Windham has a very good school system, which made it an ideal time to move rather than in the middle of his high school years.”

Rai is ready to work toward overall community health. She said, “My role as a Clinical Director is going to basically be bringing the service lines of diabetes and nutrition closer to the patients in the community. It will be very patient-focused and customized to their needs.”

Outside of work, Rai practices what she preaches. She said, “I love to go on hikes and I absolutely enjoy cooking. My day is not complete without cooking a healthy meal for my family. Starting from cutting vegetables and putting it together and adding spices — it absolutely de-stresses me.”

In addition to eating well and exercising, Rai enjoys travel with her family. She said, “This year alone we traveled to Amsterdam and went on a Mediterranean cruise. We love to explore the world as a family.”

Rai made sure to provide a strong point of advice for everyone. She said above all patients should, “Know what you’re eating and stay active.”

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