Covid-19 is all over the news. It is forecasted that many more people will become sick before this is over. It’s possible to take all of the recommended precautions and still get the virus. But don’t panic –there are steps you can take to improve your chances of it being milder, even if you are in an at-risk group.

What can you do to improve your odds of beating Covid-19 should you become infected?

One key step: Maximize your health now, before you get sick. Studies have shown that those most at-risk are over 60 and/or have preexisting health problems like diabetes, obesity, cardiac disease, lung disease or generalized deconditioning.

If you have these (or other) medical problems, you can choose to be proactive and start addressing them with your fullest effort, starting today. You know that blood pressure medicine you never take because you hate taking pills and it makes you feel old? Start today.

If you rarely, if ever, check your blood sugars and have allowed your diabetes to get out of control because the finger sticks and insulin shots are annoying — get your sugars under control, starting today.

Got asthma or lung disease? Begin consistently using your prescribed inhalers today.

Schedule an appointment with your provider to help you get back on track. Do it today.

And, for goodness’ sake, stop smoking and vaping immediately. Commit to losing weight this month and force yourself to walk at least a mile every single day, starting today. Get your flu vaccine right now, it’s not too late.

You can improve your odds just by taking steps to be healthier right now. You should still follow precautions like washing your hands, practicing social distancing, drinking lots of water, eating nutritious foods and getting lots of sleep.

DMC patients can click here to request an appointment or call 603-537-1300. The best way to fight Covid-19 is to stay healthy and for people with chronic conditions, that means doing what you can on your own, being seen by your provider and getting any tests you need.