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We hope that you are all taking the recent “stay at home” order as seriously as we are. It is the only way to stop the spread of this very serious virus. We want to share with you some temporary guidelines that are strongly recommended by our physicians, as well as introduce new DMC service offerings.

Remember – as an essential organization, DMC Primary Care is open and we are here for you.

New Guidelines to Help Avoid the ER
Call Your DMC Provider for Treatment of Any Of These Conditions!

This is important – please take every precaution you can now to stay out of the hospital ER unless you are experiencing a truly life threatening emergency. Your risk of being exposed to COVID-19 increases substantially with an ER visit. This means following new (albeit temporary) guidelines for care, especially if you have chronic conditions which may increase your risk of complications if you are exposed to COVID-19.

If you or a loved one has:

Symptoms that are troubling you but you are otherwise healthy: Take care of them now. Treatment may be simple and may help you avoid a risky trip to the ER down the road. Please call and speak with your provider today!

Hypertension: There are reports of a strong connection between high blood pressure and COVID-19 deaths. Please stay at home and limit your visitors. Continue taking your medicine and monitor your blood pressure at regular intervals, at the same time each day. Set up weekly or bi-weekly calls with your provider to discuss your readings and report any symptoms to your provider right away.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF): Patients with heart disease are at high risk for developing complications from COVID-19. Check in at least bi-weekly with your DMC provider – more often if you are experiencing new symptoms. Remember, many nonperishable foods have a higher salt content. Salty foods will result in weight gain. Your cardiac provider can adjust medications in order to manage your symptoms. If you experience weight gain, fast heart beat, higher blood pressure, mild shortness of breath or feeling unwell please call the office to schedule a same day e-visit.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Being homebound can be challenging for patients with COPD for many reasons including access to medications, supplies and management of symptoms. When you need refills on medications such as inhalers and nebulizers or need to talk to a provider about your symptoms, please call and request a same-day e-visit. You should check in with your providers every week to two weeks during the pandemic crisis.

Diabetes: Check in with your provider through an e-visit every one to two weeks. Keep track of your blood sugar numbers and have them on hand to discuss with your provider. Spotting problem trends early may allow for adjustments that can keep you from developing problems that lead to an ER visit. You know your body – if something feels off or different, be sure to report it to your provider as soon as possible. Also be sure to keep inventory on your medical supplies and let us know if you need refills.

How E-Visits Can Help You

E-visits let you talk to your provider safely from your home. And they are covered by insurance just like a regular visit. We can evaluate, diagnose and treat many symptoms and conditions with a phone call or face-to-face video e-visit.

• We are screening patients who are worried about symptoms consistent with COVID-19. If the provider conducting the e-visit feels that you meet the criteria for COVID-19, they will make arrangements to have you tested at one of our facilities.

• We are helping patients with more immediate needs, like cuts, concussions, sprains, potential strep, rashes and more. If your provider determines during your e-visit that they need to see you in person (to give you stitches for example), they will set you up for a Car-Side Care appointment (see below) at one of our facilities.

• We are providing behavioral health services to make sure our patients continue to have the support they need. If you have never been seen by someone on our behavioral health team but would like to, please arrange an e-visit with your regular primary care provider first and they will refer you for a behavioral heath e-visit.

• We are doing nutritional counseling for those who are concerned about changes in eating habits during the pandemic or just want to stay on track. You can request a referral from your DMC provider for a nutrition e-visit.

• We are conducting “med checks” through e-visits to make sure that patients continue to receive the important medications they need in the dosage they require.

Click here to view e-visit FAQs.

Introducing “Car-Side Care”

If your provider determines during your e-visit that they need to see you in person, you will be given instructions for Car-Side Care at that time. Car-Side Care allows DMC patients to be tended to by a DMC physician in their own vehicles for certain medical services that need to be done in person (such as injections and stitches). The DMC patient remains in their car the entire time. We practice the highest standards of hygiene and safety to protect the patient and our healthcare staff.

We want you to stay healthy – and the best way to do that is to follow the recommendations of local and state health officials and stay in close contact with your regular providers.

We continue to update our website on a regular basis, so please be sure to visit by clicking here.

As always, DMC is here for your questions and concerns.

Be well.

DMC Primary Care