You have been doing everything you can to stay healthy during COVID-19. And even as our communities begin to open up again, you may choose to contine avoiding certain activities that you feel are risky. But, please be sure you aren’t avoiding the very things that keep you healthy. Recent studies show that people are putting off important medical care, potentially placing themselves (and their families) at risk. With increased safety and cleanliness protocols for in-office appointments and the option of telehealth for many types of appointments, we hope you will put your health at the very top of your priority list. If any of the following applies to you, please take action and get the medical attention you need.

If You Have a Chronic Medical Condition and Have Not Had a Visit With Your Provider In the Past Two Months, PLEASE Check In with Them. Especially if you have:

Hypertension (especially untreated)
• Diabetes
• Heart Disease/CHF

These conditions require proactive management to help prevent problems and complications. Please don’t delay – connect with your healthcare team for the support and motivation you need (along with required tests) to keep yourself on track!

CLICK HERE to view DMC safety protocols.

If You are 65+:

Don’t forget about your Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). It’s important to assess any risks and make sure you are well.

Please don’t skip your vaccinations. They protect you from diseases and complications.



If Your Children Need Their Vaccinations: 

Please stick to your children’s vaccination schedules and if they are behind, please call ASAP to get them in. Without reaching a rate of 90-95% of vaccinations, our community and our kids could be at risk for potentially deadly diseases like the measles.




If You Haven’t Scheduled Important Exams:

  • An annual screening mammogram is important for women 40+. Early identification of breast cancer saves lives!
  • Your annual physical exam creates a baseline for your health and helps keep you on the right path. It’s time to check your overall health and it’s also a great time to talk with your provider about any new concerns. Your provider will coordinate any further diagnostics you need, like bloodwork or additional screenings.

CLICK HERE to request an appointment.



If You Have Symptoms of COVID-19 or you Have Been Exposed to Someone with COVID-19

DMC DOES COVID-19 TESTING FOR PATIENTS. If you have symptoms or think you have been exposed please call 603-537-1300. Please note that COVID-19 testing is by appointment only.