[Windham Office] Phoebe earned her BSN from Bellin College of Nursing, Green Bay, WI and her MSN/FNP-C and DNP from Concordia University, Mequon WI. As a nurse practitioner for more than 15 years, she is board certified in family medicine with additional experience in  acute care, critical/trauma care, and orthopaedics.


She is a strong advocate of childhood and adult vaccination.


“It is a remarkable scientific advancement that eliminates the fear of death or severe illness from many diseases which used to haunt parents and children in this country.  There are still many parts of the world not lucky enough to have access to vaccines to protect themselves and their children. The recommended vaccine schedule has been extensively studied by many people whose number one priority is the health of children and families.”


Phoebe  has two daughters and a son who are fully vaccinated per the CDC-recommended schedule, and her advice as a nurse practitioner and a mother, is that patients do the same with themselves and their own families.


When she’s not working, Phoebe enjoys camping, skiing, and  spending time with her spouse and three children. The family also has two dogs, Bambam and Muggsy and a cat named Sylvia.


Phoebe is accepting new patients of all ages in our Windham office and has a special interest in treating adult and geriatric patients. She is also available for telehealth/virtual visits.


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