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DMC Primary Care is pleased to offer telehealth visits to our patients. We understand that having the freedom to choose how you receive your healthcare is critical. You can now connect with your provider from wherever you happen to be.

Telehealth is ideal for evaluation of a non-emergent medical issue, monitoring a chronic condition or making sure a new medication is working. It is the most convenient way for our patients to remain connected with their primary care team in between office visits.

You can do a telehealth visit using your smartphone, computer or landline phone.

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With your smartphone:

DMC | CONNECT is our secure smartphone application that lets you easily communicate with your doctors using live video.

  1. Download the DMC | CONNECT app onto your smartphone and complete the registration info (even if you don’t have an upcoming appointment).
  2. When you’re ready to make an appointment, call 603-537-1300 and let the scheduler know you would like a video visit.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment with a link to join your provider via live video at your scheduled time. You will also receive a notification in the DMC | CONNECT app, so you can join from there, too!

Download DMC | CONNECT today from your app store and then you’ll be ready for your next video visit—even if it’s months away!


If you experience any trouble connecting at the time of your appointment, please call our Telehealth Team directly at 603-537-1342.

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DMC | CONNECT is powered by Hale Health. For help signing up, please visit Hale’s support page at:

With your computer:

You can use DMC | CONNECT with any computer that has an Internet connection and a web cam. Just call DMC at 603-537-1300 and let the scheduler know you would like a video visit with your provider.

You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment that contains a link to your visit. Just click on the link a few minutes prior to your scheduled visit and you will join your provider for a live video visit!

With your telephone:

If you do not have access to a smartphone or computer, we may be able to schedule a telehealth appointment with you by phone. Please call 603-537-1300 and let the scheduler know you would like to schedule a telehealth visit via phone. Each situation is unique: If your situation allows for a phone visit, the scheduler will ask you to provide a phone number. At your appointment time, the provider will call the number you provided to start the visit. If the provider determines that another type of visit is needed, arrangements will be made at that time.

Please note that whether by telephone, computer or smartphone, telehealth visits are billed through your insurance and co-payments and other out-of-pocket costs may apply. Please contact your insurance provider with any questions regarding telehealth coverage.


Do I need a smartphone to do a telehealth visit?

No! A telehealth visit with your provider can be as simple as a phone call, if the situation allows for it. For a video visit, however, a device that is connected to the Internet is required. This device can be any type of smartphone, tablet or a computer with a web cam and microphone. See above for more info on using our DMC | CONNECT app for video visits.

Will my telehealth visit be with my PCP?

For non-urgent appointments, we are happy to schedule you with your PCP or other provider of your choice. For more urgent or acute telehealth visits, you will be scheduled with a provider that is available at the time of your appointment. If your PCP is one of those providers, we are happy to schedule you with them.

How long after I request an appointment will my telehealth visit occur?

With some exceptions, most telehealth visits occur between 30 minutes and two hours of calling for an urgent visit. Non-urgent visit times vary.

Are there any circumstances in which a telehealth visit won’t work?

Yes. Some circumstances require an office visit, such as a routine physical exam. Other needs, such as immunizations and urgent care situations (such as stitches), also require being seen in person.

What if I don’t get a call from my provider at my appointment time?

If you don’t hear from your provider right at your appointment time, please be patient. They will call as soon as they are able to do so, usually within just a few minutes.

Will I receive a bill for my telehealth visit?

A telehealth visit is billed the same way as an office visit. Please check with your insurance company to determine if a co-pay or other out-of-pocket costs are required for your telehealth visit. If a co-pay or deductible applies based on your plan and coverage, we will send you a bill.

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For New Patients

We are always welcoming new patients! Please call our main number at 603-537-1300 to learn how to establish care with DMC, or click below to self-schedule your telehealth visit online.

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For Patients

To book a telehealth appointment, call 603-537-1300 and let the scheduler know you would like a video visit. Or click here to self-schedule an appointment online.

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